Helpful tools I used to create my internet presence.

1. To help me create my website and teach me about affiliate marketing I used Wealthy Affiliates.  Whether you have an idea or a product that you want to get out to a market, the internet is the way to go. Almost 4 billion people has access to the internet and the habit of finding product or services needed become all the more to search for it on the internet.

Many old school people are afraid to use the internet, but at Wealthy Affiliates everything is made easy and is teached in a way literally anyone can understand. There is also  a lot of added benefits and to get all that Wealthy Affiliates offer is very inexpensive. To explore the site is free, so do check it out. Learning webdesign and what Wealthy Affiliates teaches. will open a complete new world for you and a gold mine of possibilities to earn income.



2. The writing and Publishing Lodge.

I wrote a book in 2014/15 and since then tried various ways to get it published and marketed. This platform helped me a lot to understand “Self publishing” and also how to get my book published on Amazon as well as on their platform. Log onto their Facebook page and you have access to a community of people who can help you.


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