My story in short.

How long are you trying? Trying to find ways to escape poverty, trying to turn a business idea into reality or trying to find ways to succeed in life? You know you are not doing as well as you want too, but just can’t figure out why you don’t reach your goals.

Maybe you have lost your job or the company you worked for closed. It may be that your own company went down the drain. Whatever the case may be, this is the website that will offer you great advice, not only to stand strong again, but to move on and actually find that awesome life you want.

Living an awesome life, is not having tons of money. However, I do believe money makes up a big part of living well. Money should be the result and fruit of living an awesome life, and not be what you are chasing. There truly are a lot more about living a great lifestyle than only having lots of money. There are many rich people who live an awful life, not an awesome life, because there focus is on the money. Therefore, living an awesome life, is not about what money can buy or about chasing money, but learning to live a lifestyle of peace, fulfilment and happiness that actually make money flow towards you.

For 30+ years of my life I had been in survival mode, struggling to get past poverty, fighting off one defeat after another and was focussed on ways to make money. At times, it seem that I broke out of a cycle that became my life. An up and down cycle between having enough and being knocked down again. In my book This is the Day, you can read all about my 30+ year’s journey. Find the link to the book in the Book store on this website. Using my life story spanning more than 30 years, I truly learned a lot to teach others. The book contains many life lessons from my own life I am sure many can associate with.

I do quote many Bible verses and do use the Bible as a lot. To me it is an awesome handbook with great life principles to help us navigate through life. I do want to say however that I am done with religion. Hillsong Church is my spiritual home and they have taught me about relationship versus religion. Part of my struggling through life was because of religion. Many principles and wrong perceptions I used to live by, was because of religion. Scripture from the Bible that was quoted and interpreted wrongly.

For this About page, I want to pick up the story in 1994, when I got married for the second time. It truly was a match made in heaven, but if you do not properly nourish any relationship and deal with challenges, it will not last. Although we did not start with defeat and calamity in mind, 18 days after our marriage, a car crash left me in a coma for three weeks and almost 5 months out of action. When I recovered enough, I decide to start a transport company. The only question my wife then had was; with what money? Despite this she never questioned my motive and the only moral support I had was from her and my mom. 

In the days following I discovered that to start a business or any endeavor, you need will power and vision more than you need money. A clear picture in your mind, believing in yourself and your dream draw favour to you. Although we started with an old truck bought with borrowed money, over the next 7 years the company grew to 5 big articulated trucks with a turnover of close to 4 million rand a year. When we started, only I could see a business, but never the less, I did not let anyone or anything distract me or destroy the picture in my mind.

All started In February 1995 when I bought a 1976, 8-ton, Bedford truck for a negotiated price of R1 200. Even this small amount we did not have. A friend came to my rescue and borrowed me the money. Even he, being a business man, years later admitted that he never expected my dream to succeed. The rebuilding project started in March 1995 and 5 months later my truck was running.

At first I did random loads of various kinds, but favour did come my way and in October 1995 I was contracted to transport cartons for export grapes from the factory to the cold storage some 120 km’s away. This contract was enough to convince the bank to approve us a home loan and we could buy the house we were renting.

In November that same year more favour came my way and I started transporting products for a national food company. It started as two loads per week and grew to become my main contract that lasted 15 years. As the demand for more trucks grew I bought two other olds trucks, but they let me down and I got rid of them. The Bedford I started the business with, I sold for R18 000 some 3 years after I rebuilt it! I then took a leap of faith and bought my first Mercedes Benz truck and trailer and got it properly branded .

It was a good feeling to receive my first branded tautliner trailer. Soon after I registered a company and changed the name to Harvest Trucking CC.

As said, this contract lasted for 15 years until it was ended through an unfair tender process in September 2010. From 1995, the business grew at a steady pace over 7 years. Then major changes came to our family structure and the business stagnated with no significant growth in the following years. The whole story including many lessons learned, is in my book This is the Day.  

From 2011 to 2013, I engaged in a process of rebuilding or reviving my bankrupt business. I just could not accept the defeat and believe that my business has came to an end. There is a saying; if the horse is dead, dismount, only I refused to dismount. I sold the older trucks and bought new ones while working hard to find new contracts.

Still believing for a breakthrough I bought a Freightliner Argosy. Receiving the truck, indeed was a proud day for me, still there was a glimmer of hope and I was determined to make the business work again. From starting a company with a broken Bedford and borrowed money (R1200) to buying a complete new rig for R1,8 million (2012) was a great achievement for me.

Working so hard for so long to get to this stage, made it real hard to give up on the dream I started with. However, I learned that to make a change is not giving up, you just have to get a new picture.  After trying to revive my dead horse for 3 years, I started developing health issues in 2012 because of high stress levels, and finally closed doors in 2013 and liquidated in 2014.

Having no business means no income and I decided to  sell the house too. I am fortunate enough that my mom was alive and had her own home. I moved from a 7 bedroom house to a small room in her house. The lifestyle I got used to came to a disastrous end and I was 51. While many others I knew started planning to retire in a few years, I had to start over.

All I could hold on to was my Land Rover. 30 years of my life I worked hard, tried several businesses, been married twice, raised 7 children, buried one and at the end was left with nothing more to show than my Land Rover.

In the beginning of 2014 I drove to Johannesburg to help my son start his own business. I took all the back roads I could find and made up my own tour to Johannesburg over three days. When I was done in Johannesburg, I took a different route and took another three days back to Cape Town. A new picture started to form in my mind. A picture of traveling the country and show people around as a tourist guide.

The road to recovery was long and real tough at times. I almost gave up on my new picture twice,  but I found strength in my belief system and the many life lessons I have learned over half a lifetime. In my lonely time I started to recap my past and found valuable lessons from my own life and the various books I have read over time.

Slowly I started to understand some important principles that governs life and as I start to implement and use these lessons learned, my life changed. The notes I made and used myself, became my book called This is the Day.

I am still learning, but can share a lot of wisdom to many struggling with life. I truly can say I have been around the block a couple of times and more than once through the mill too, . What I am teaching others, I have tried and tested. The results of implementing these truths and principles over the last 4 years of my life, changed my world and the world for me. I believe iI have proof that applying these truths and principles I am teaching, does produce great results.

Check out my blogs and also go to my Facebook page “This is the Day” (There is a link on this page) and read what I have to share. Also go to my G+ account and find more Biblical principle based truths there. Please leaf a comment and if you are struggling with life, talk to me. I may not have all the answers but sure will do my utmost best to find it for you.

Your awesome life is waiting for you.

Gert Maritz


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