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From 2019, I will be available to do talks on any of the topics in my blogs. I am also preparing weekend courses to help people find what prevent them from getting past the difficulties in life and move forward towards living an awesome and fulfilling life.

I call it the CHANGE! program and here is an overview of the program:


  • Learn to use the power within to create the life you want
  • Move from a mediocre, unfulfilling life to an exstraordinary life


  • The picture in your mind – where everything starts
  • What keep you stuck
  • Reshaping your believe system
  • Change the way you used to think and reason
  • Get past the past – Forgiveness, resentment etc.
  • Facing the challenges of life with confidence and positivity
  • Escape being a victim of circumstances
  • Learn techniques to help re-design your future


Is there anybody that can truly say they have reached their dreams and is living the life they imagined? Life throw various circumstances at us daily and we have to deal with disappointment and setbacks way to often. Do we just have to except all this, do our best to navigate through every day and find ways to survive hoping for something miraculous to happen or death to rescue us from this tough life on earth?

For most of my work life, the best part of 30 years, I battled to make ends meet. Deep inside I knew there have to be a better way.  Yes, I was bullied in school and did suffer abuse and disappointment at various stages of my life. I could easily blame all those things and stay stuck in a frustrated, unfulfilling life, but I discovered that I have the power to choose my own life.

I am Gert Maritz, I grew up on a farm in Southern Namibia and grew up in a very traditional and conservative environment. I never questioned the way I was raised, as a problem, but over the years I started questioning certain aspects of it. There were just two many things that did not add up and I refused to accept living a mediocre life or that life is a random act of fate and we only have to go with the flow and be content with the life we are dealt with.

Don’t get me wrong, I was raised well, with good moral values and discipline and all my physical needs were met, but the way my thinking and reasoning has developed and the perceptions I lived by got me stuck in the life I lived.

Everything that seems right is not necessarily right.

What I discovered, was not part of traditional thinking and does not fit a conservative mindset either. I had to step out of the box, but through observation, studying and reading I discovered others who did, and the results was amazing. With technology today, we live in the information revolution. Information was never as easy to find, then now. Learn to tap into that and embrace the information revolution. You will grow and enrich yourselves with a wealth of knowledge for a very small investment or even for free.

When I had to start over yet again at age 51, I took time to make a case study of my own life. I re-lived 30 years of my life to establish what I have missed, where did I go wrong and what I have done right, the times when I did succeed. In the process, I have found a lot of wisdom, wrote a book and made some serious adjustments to my life.

I have found that most of what we need or searching for, in most cases is right in front of us but we don’t see or recognise it. A major truth that was revealed to me is that life is not a random act of luck, but there are laws of life that governs every little detail on this planet.

People accidentally, instinctively or habitually do the right thing, with good results, but do not realise that they actually have stepped onto a law of life. They accept it as being lucky or being blessed or favoured or whatever reason they can come up with. It may as well be so, but what I have found is that there is certain dynamics that activates these laws and we were given control over those dynamics. People become victims of circumstances, because they do not know their authority or how to use it.

No, I am not saying we can play God, but God has given us the power and authority to rule over earth and that include control over our lives and the forces that influence them.

Understanding the picture in our minds.

  • Everything begin as a thought and a thought is none other than a picture in our minds.
  • Since childhood we dream and then we would formulate ideas to make those dreams come true.
  • The Picture or dream we have, creates thoughts and those thoughts produce Plans and Action follows. For many, these thoughts never even get to become plans. It can be that a person feels they are not worth it, it can be fear, it can be what other people will say or think of them if they would pursue their dream, it can be disappointment due to previous failures.
  • You have the power and ability to make your dreams come true. You are made with incredible creative power. You have the power and ability to change your reality if you don’t like it.
  • You can change your life from boring, frustrating and just existing, going through the motions daily, to living an awesome and fulfilled life where you dictate the outcome, realise your goals and create your own reality.

Why do we miss out on our dreams?

It took me 30 years to escape a life where I lived as a victim of circumstances and I see myself as privileged as many live their whole life as victims. When I had to start over yet again at age 51, a series of things happened. I made some crucial mind shifts and the world I was so desperately searching for, half my life, started to unfold for me.

What I wanted was never far, but my thinking and reasoning blinded me to see or use what was in my hands. I am listing some of the things I identified that kept a victim of circumstances for so long.

  • Wrong perceptions
  • Mindset, the operating system we ran on. How we perceive things and reason.
  • Habits – check your habits, hang outs, idle time spend.
  • Allowing yourself to become a victim of circumstances
  • Excepting poverty and suffering as a lifestyle

The question that changed the course of my life

  • At a church service in May 2015, I realised that there is good in every day no matter what, for that is how God made it.
  • Every day may not be good, but there certainly is good in every day.
  • My question simply was:

What do I have to do to find the good in the day?

 See what I realised at that point was:

  • Firstly, there is good in every day, but it is not served on a silver plate, we must go out daily with expectation and purpose and find it.
  • Secondly, if we start our day with positivity and expectation it creates an overall positive attitude toward life in us.
  • Thirdly, programming our minds in the morning with positivity and expectation to look for the good in the day, we recognise opportunities much easier.

The four stages of fulfilled life

As described and explained by, Gert Maritz 


          Make a living  /        Set Goals     //   Find Purpose   / Leave a legacy    

          Investing in self                                                         Investing in others

          Become rich – find wealth                                          Live in abundance

          To be generous is a choice                                          Generosity comes


          Satisfying own needs is priority                                 Satisfying needs of others

                                                                                            becomes an obsession                

         Selfish living                                                                   A life of sharing

         Mathew 6:33                                                                  John 10:10b

 “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Words from the French philosopher, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

This truth is based on:

It is generally excepted that humans consist of two parts, namely a body of flesh and an unseen spirit with a soul. How we are created or come into being differs, but that we are two parts in one is a fact.

From my Christian back ground, I believe that God created us and that we are placed on earth with purpose to fulfil an assignment. As humans we are put in charge of all that God created. As spiritual beings we are expected to have a relationship with our Creator and influence others who don’t have a relationship with Him to learn from us how to have one. Having a relationship with the Creator is not forced on anybody, but there are great privileges in having a relationship with Him.

Dr Mules Monroe call it Kingdom Living and I had been there for 7 years, therefor know it is a reality. I lost it when I allowed circumstances to take over. Now I am back there, and it truly is an awesome environment to be in. I call it the favour zone.

So here is my summary of how we should see ourselves as part of creation:

  1. Humans are a spirit being, with a soul, temporary living in a body on earth. In Genesis 1:26, we were made as a spirit being in God’s image and likeness with an assignment to have dominion and rule over creation on earth. As a copy of God, with an earthly assignment, He also equipped us with all we need to exercise our dominion and rule on earth.
  2. A spirit being, is unable to function on earth, it needs a body. (Gen.2:5 …”and there was no man to till the ground”.) In Genesis 2:7, this spirit man was given an earthly body to equip him to work on earth and later part of man’s body was used to create him a female (woman) partner as it was not good for him to be alone.

That is also why the devil used the snake’s body to mislead Eve and Jesus had to be born into a human body. Likewise, the Holy Spirit make His home in people to use their bodies. 

  1. All that God made, was made with the seed in it to reproduce itself and that seed contained all the ingredients the reproduction needed to be all it is meant to be.
  2. Nothing of God’s original plan ever changed, or our assignment on earth. David emphasize it in Psalm 8 when he wrote: “What is man that You should be mindful of him, or the son of man that You should care for him? You have made him little less than the angels and crowned him with glory and honor. You have given him rule over the works of Your hands, putting all things under his feet” (Ps 8:5-7).
  3. Part of our God given ability is to rule over circumstances and have control over life laws the impact our lives.
  4. Furthermore, He gave us the ability to tap into infinite wisdom (Proverbs 8:11 – 35) and power (Ephesian 3:19 & 20)
  5. Lastly, He put universal laws in place to govern everything He created, but we were given a free will to follow and obey these laws and how they impact our lives. We are not puppets on a string and are free to choose, reason, think and decide the outcome of our lives.
  6. For me to have a personal relationship with Jesus, takes care of eternity and give me a lot more than what I am already equipped with, but life on earth is still my own responsibility.

How do we change our lives – What keep you stuck?

The biggest problem for humanity is the resistance to change therefore before anything can happen, we need to overcome the fears that stop us from moving on. No growth or development takes place without change.

  1. Realise where you are

Do not live in denial or blaming others or circumstance for where you are, but except the reality as it is and be willing to change. Don’t wait until you are forced to change by unwanted circumstances. In most cases change then is painful and humiliating. For some the change is to much and they either gave up on life and become a beggar or they commit suicide.

  1. Take time out

The first steps should be to analyse your past. Free yourself from hang-ups and issues. Maybe there are people you need to forgive; or debt you must settle; or a bad experience you need to break loose from or make peace with. Maybe you grew up with a wrong mindset that need to be changed. At this point you need to become selfish as it is about your survival and wellbeing. If you have a life partner you should get support from them and been given the space and time to get your act together. Your wellbeing is to the benefit of all with you and around you.

  1. Don’t get stuck at:
  • I am made this way or,
  • This is how I was raised,
  • Or play the blame game. (My husband/wife/children/boss/etc caused me to be this way.)

Important to know –

  • You can change, and it is your responsibility make that crucial decision. Then ad action and change. You are no robot. You are created with a free will and given the power and ability to choose your own life.
  • There is no expiry date on that ability to choose. Age is not an excuse.
  • To fear change, is normal. We all fear the unknown. The Bible say that we are not given a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a well-balanced mind and discipline and self-control.”. (Tim. 1:7 -Ampl).

Susan Jeffers said in her book “Feel the fear and do it anyway” – The only thing we need to fear is fear itself. Put fear aside and push forward.

 4. Be ready to handle resistance and criticism.

(You may lose some friends or even family along the way, but it is your life, your choice and your future.)

  • Change start with a choice only you can make.
  • With the choice you need to have a willingness to change.
  • Change comes at a price. Sometimes tough choices need to be made.
  • No growth or development can take place without change. (Law of Nature)
  • Change is an ongoing process.
  1. Start by gaining knowledge and wisdom
  • read, there is a list of books in the back of my book and on my website.
  • Study – gain knowledge
  • develop skills – Find wisdom
  1. Tap into the information revolution.

Anything you want to know you will find on Google but be careful. Be wise and very selective with the internet, as Google is a marketing platform and once, they know what you are searching for, they will literally bombard you with information. Don’t buy anything. There are thousands of free teachings. Go through them and make notes. Over time you will find what you really need, then wait for the special offers.

  1. Talk to people but don’t copy them.

Asking other people, can give you their opinion. You need to create your own reality.

  1. Use the spin offs in the workplace.

The workplace can be a great place to learn and develop. See your job as a medium wherein you can develop and grow to the next level. And if the company you are at do not have a next level for you then some other company will have.

The truth is, that if you start working on your own development doors start opening for you. People start noticing you and more opportunities will come your way. That is a life reality that nobody can stop. When in a job there are parameters, but within those parameters you will find enough room to grow beyond expectation.

What I will teach in the seminar

  1. How to clean up the past
  2. How to find direction and purpose
  3. How to change your thinking
  4. How to think in Quantum time
  5. Practical tools to keep you on track

In addition

  1. I will provide a follow up system
  2. One on one coaching opportunity


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