Motivational  and inspirational talks

From 2019, I will be available to do talks on any of the topics in my blogs. I am also preparing weekend courses to help people find what prevent them from getting past the difficulties in life and move forward towards living an awesome life. I know some will say it is far fetched to believe in this awesome life, but I not only believe that an awesome life is possible, I can see it daily around me and if they can do it, you can too.

The question many ask is what do they do different? From my observations over many years, I have come to the conclusion that what they do different is not big things, but in most cases elementary things. Read my blogs and I believe you will be able to identify some reasons many miss out on having an awesome life. It is important to know that an awesome life is not bought with money or about making money, but a life lived to the full, then money will flow towards you.

In the seminars I am preparing, I want to get more practical and into fine detail to help people identify the problem areas. I also want to provide practical tools to stay standing through difficult times and also will implement workshops where problem areas can be sorted out. It will be intense and life changing, believe me.

The structure I have at present is 7 sessions as follows:

  1. Draw your own picture.
  2. Weed your garden
  3. Write your vision
  4. Use what you have
  5. Understand seasons of life
  6. Re-invest in your future
  7. Share

I also believe that the picture we have in our minds, is the one most important thing we need to first get clear and secondly it need to be protect. In a corporate environment there is a certain image – goal – outcome – result that the company want to be identified by. Here I see 4 important steps.

  1. Management need to have a clear picture/vision themself.
  2. The picture/vision they have need to be effectively conveyed and made clear to the employees.
  3. The employees need to become part of that picture. They need to see themselves as an integral part of the company vision/picture.
  4. Each worker needs to have his/her personal picture of where he/she individually fit in and can grow and develop within the company structure.

I believe in unity and when the whole company have the same vision/picture and work in unity towards a common goal where all can benefit from, it only can make that company a force to be reckoned with.

For more information, send an e-mail to an we can discuss it further.

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