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To find reasons outside of us for why we do not succeed is normal and human, but do not play the blameĀ game, rather ask : “What can I do to change the situation.”

We all have a lot to blame for where we are, but blaming others, circumstances, religion, your parents, where you grew up or whatever you can find to blame, will never ever change your circumstances. You need to get to a point where you decide to do something about it.

I had been asking myself many times over – how do I get my life back on track? I had been thrown off course many times in my life and only get grips at life at age 52. You don’t have to keep fighting the battles alone. I have written a book about my life and how I managed to escape that see-saw life. Get the book on Amazon. Use this link to find my book.


Prepare to plant.

As a tourist guide I do travel all over South Africa and see the places of the very rich and also the lives of the very poor. There are beggars all over the world and what I have seen is that even though many have only a little to work with, the use what the have and do the best with what they have and that is the start to change. The purpose of this website and my teaching is to help people who had gone through difficulty and want to know – how do I get my life back on track.

If you, choose to be a beggar and has no desire to change, this site will not mean anything to you, but if you came to the point where you want to change, we can take that journey together. I am not teaching others down there as if I have made it. My life is still growing, but I have found awesome material to build myself an awesome life and I would love to share it with others.

On this website I am still learning, but there is a lot more inspirational messages to read on my Facebook page at Please go check it out and like it. There I post short messages. Here on the website I do longer stuff. No, I do not know all the answers, but I have a good idea of places where you can find it. Yes you can go and Google yourselves, but there are thousands of people trying to sell you stuff they claim to be the best advice. Here on my website, I will only share information and teachings I have tried and tested and have proof that it work.

What do you need to prepare? In a previous post I am sharing about “Weed your garden”. You see I see opportunity as seed and once you are given an opportunity then you need to “plant” it and grow or cultivate it. This is a process like in any farming environment. You need to prepare the ground, plant the seed, cultivate it, water it keeps and cleaning out the weed and after some time has passed you will reap the fruit.

This also means that you need to work with your opportunity. To believe is great, but the Bible says that faith without works is dead. You need to put action to the opportunity if you want to see fruit. That is what I see in the poorer parts of the country. Even if, the people have only a small patch of ground they plant. Sometimes they have to carry water over long distances to water their garden, but if they keep on doing it, they will have food to eat.

Keep looking for new and better opportunity.

Once you got the process going, don’t set up camp and get comfortable in a life that is only about surviving. Keep looking for new opportunity and reinvest what you are doing in new projects and ventures. Don’t let bad influences, tradition or low self-esteem or anything keep you from pursuing and awesome life.

I believe that there where never a better time to find the best opportunities out there. We only need to break out the form we used to be in. In today’s technological era with Google and the internet, we are exposed to things and places we never would have been too. In this area I will share some more in future posts as it can be a mine field out there and many shark swim in the internet sea, so be careful when surfing the net.

In my book I share the most simple way to find new opportunity, a positive attitude and a picture in your mind for what you want. My life changed when I learned to see the good in every day. Every day may not be good, but there certainly is good in every day. If you focus on finding the good in every day. You will also find new opportunities much easier.

Complete the process.

The last part in this post I want to share is that making your dreams come true, is a process. Just as it is growing a crop, building an awesome life takes time. Never give up and never lose focus. Keep doing the right thing until your opportunity bear fruit.

I have seen many that gave up a great opportunity only because it took to long to materialize. Many are so impatient that they keep on planting, and never have any fruit. My biggest lesson in this was the resort I have started. I saw an opportunity and did my market research. Then when the difficult challenges came I left it and started something else. Yes, I had many circumstances that was not in my favor, but I could have brought it to fruit if I kept going. Today I have to see how others reap the fruit of my opportunity and dream. Check out this link This was my birth place and where I grew up.

Claim your awesome life.

If you read my book, you will see the rough road I have been on for 30+ years. Now I am applying the lessons I have learned from the University of Life and the results is phenomenal. I had to start over at 52, but my future looks more promising than ever before in my life. That is why I can say that I believe, every body can have an awesome life.

I have decided to made it may mission to take as many as want to come along on this journey finding that awesome life.

Check out the links, get the book and keep looking for the good in every day.


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