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See your mind as a fertile garden where everything you see, hear or think become seeds that grow in that garden. Then weeding it, becomes very important.

Over the last 4 of years, I have developed a strategy to help me answer the question on how do I live my dream. I believe it is a question many is asking. There are so many schemes and business ideas, that claim they have the answer. Just do this 5 point plan or take these 10 steps and you are successful. Many of these are awesome programs, but they just does not work for many. I myself tried many of these programs or business ideas. During the last 4 years of my life many questions I had been asking for most of my life, I found answers too. In this post I share the first step to take when you decided to change the life you live and make your way to an awesome life.

Many want to build a successful career or business on an old foundation that will not sustain this new endeavor. Therefore, I want to help you to correct, repair or replace the foundation you are building on.  I believe as you work with me through this blog, you may realize why many of your previous endeavours were not successful. 

What make your old foundation unfit for building a new future.

Let’s start with the picture of a garden. I want you to see your own life as a patch of land. Each one of us are given a patch of land at birth to cultivate, but as we are unable to work our land ourselves in the beginning, other people do the work for us. If you were blessed and had your own parents, great! However, in many cases it is either a single mom or a single dad or step parents or a day care lady or baby sitter. All of them brought something to your land and planted it there.

As you grew up these people my have included a Sunday school teacher and a preschool teacher and later primary school and so you find your way through life, more and more people bring stuff and plant it on your land. At the same time you read, watch movies, listen to music and spend time with various friends

Now, I know I said the foundation need to be checked, but here I talk about a garden. All these things added to our life create the mental foundation that our lives eventually is build on. We have an amazing mind and everything entering is firstly stored in our subconscious mind. It is also from these information stored there that our behaviors and conscious thinking derived from. Here I would suggest a book by Dr Caroline Leaf – Switch on your brain.

It is your brain, you need to take charge. 

As you grow up, you need to start taking charge of your land and make choices of what you are going to leave and what you are going to weed out. all seeds sown may not be weed, but seeds sown with good intention. However, you are a unique being with specific traits and talents and only you and your creator know what you should become. This is why you need to gain knowledge, understanding and wisdom so you can make informed decisions on what to keep and what to weed out.

As time goes by and you start working your garden your knowledge turn to wisdom and things really start to come together for you. You may ask what the difference is between knowledge and wisdom? I won’t blame you as I asked the same question for many years. Wisdom is simply applied knowledge. Once we start using the knowledge we gained through studying or reading or whatever means and apply it to real life situations we learn how it actually needs to be applied and adjusted to where we get the anticipated results.

Then there are those whose lives turned bad from the start or early in life. It may be due to abuse, they may have become involved in drugs or crime and there garden become completely messed up or even destroyed. The great thing about this patch of land is that it is called life and as long as you live you own it. Also this piece of land can always be repaired and this is what this post is about. You first need to take back your life, clean up the mess and then start creating a new future. Until you take charge of it and start work it, everybody that you meet in life will sow on this land and as long as you allow others to work your land, your life is in their hands.

Take responsibility and clean your land.

If you don’t clean your land and make sure that whatever you have in there is useful and to your benefit, You can spend all the money you have and try any new program or business idea on the market, and the chances that it will work for you is very slim. Truly we are all unique, have different talents and traits and the fact that a certain business idea or system worked for one person does not mean it will work for you.

In cleaning out your garden and making sure what is in there is for your best interest, you also learn about yourself. You start to realize what you know and in what areas you needs to improve. You know your shortcomings and what just does not resonate with your personality. You also, learn to choose to have the right people in your world. Those who add the right stuff to your life.

As you take responsibility and start gaining knowledge that in turn help you to identify the unwanted stuff in your life, it became easier to identify what needs to be weed out. Below is a list of things I think needs to be checked. Some of them needs to be removed, some replaced and others need correction.

  1. Your belief system. This is what your whole life is shaped around and in my case, I was brought up in a Christian family with the Bible as basis. However, many scriptures were wrongly quoted or interpreted. These I had to identify and correct.
  2. Traditions. All different nations and cultures have their own traditions. Some are very proud of them but check them. It just may be that the traditions you are holding on is the thing that keep you from pursuing your dream.
  3. Friends. The people you hang out with are probably the single biggest item that influence our lives the most. Choose who you spend time with very careful. You even may needs to remove some friends from your list. Add music, movies, books, TV programs and video games to this list and check them.
  4. Memories. I have found that many live with unresolved issues from there past. It can even be stuff from their childhood days. Don’t let your past regrets, abuses, disappointments or lies (especially lies about you) mess up your dream.
  5. Perceptions. This maybe one of the most difficult weeds to identify. I am planning to right a book called – Half-truths, as I believe many wrong perceptions are build on half-truths. In my case it was views about money and being rich. I grew up with wrong perceptions in this matter and it kept me back for years.

These are only a few areas, but I am sure if you grasp the need to weed out unwanted stuff, you will find all the areas that needs weeding. The best way to find the weed in your garden is to start asking questions. If you get stuck in any part of your life, don’t leave it and put it aside. It just may be that you have stumbled on weed that needs to be sorted out. Determine why you got stuck and don’t be afraid to go deep into your past to determine the source of the problem.

In closing.

In the Bible there is a verse that say: “Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance and above all that you guard, for out of it flow the spring of life.” (Proverbs 4:23). When the Bible talks about your heart here, it talks about your mind. What is going on in your mind will determine the outcome of your life. Whether you believe in the Bible or not, is not the issue, for this truth has been proven over and over by scientists. Your mind is your garden, the spring of life for you that you needs to protect with all vigilance.

Dr Caroline Leaf explains in her book “Switch on your brain”, how every thought that enters our mind change the structure in our mind. These changes become permanent over time and eventually determine our behavior and subsequently our lives. There are several books, seminars and teachings done by many on Mind Power. These are all done help people understand and sort out what is in their minds, but very few of these books or seminars speak about cleaning up the unwanted stuff.

Once the weed is identified, there are various ways to cleanup, restore or replace it. It maybe forgiveness, it may be that you have to change a habit or the way you speak, making negative statements or you may have to start fill your mind with the right stuff by reading, studying or learning a new skill.

I hope in this blog I could give you some food for thought and that you from now on will start questioning the way you think and act and see what the root is and decide whether it should stay, change or go.

All the best with your weeding exercise.

Please leave a comment and your e-mail so I can keep you posted on future blogs.

Gert Maritz



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