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They say that success is about standing up more that you fall. Then falling becomes lessons and as you apply those lessons you grow.

Over time I have seen to many people that has been knocked down, to accept it as how there life is and loose there courage to try again. They may not be completely ruined, but has taken a major knock and as a result have to scale down their lifestyle significantly. Trust me if I tell you that I know the feeling. Life has knocked me down many times. Read This is the Day which you can find in the Book store, and you will know what I talk about. However, I have learned that it is not only possible to recover, but you can actually stand up and create an awesome life for yourself.

I started this website to not only tell people out there, that it is possible, but to give you advise on how to achieve it, no matter what stage of life you are in. I would not have made this statement, if I did not have proof that it is true and achievable. The question of, how do I start over in life, has come to mind often. I just never accept to be defeated and kept on believing that I will be successful one day.

To get my whole story and all the details you can order my book “This is the Day” by e-mailing me at Hopefully I will have the book on Amazon soon and it will be easier to obtain. For now, it is only available from me for R200 or $15 (USD) excluding postage.

My story

The short is that I was born and raised in the southern parts of Namibia on a farm, in very traditional and conservative Afrikaner ways. Essential life skills were not really taught at home. Life skills was the job of the school and spiritual or moral values was left to the church.

I entered real life not only unprepared for the challenges but also with a very low self esteem due to being bullied a lot at school. As a result, I made a long list of mistakes over many years. Time and time again, I was knocked down and how do I start over in life, almost become a cliche in my life. After getting over the setback, I had to scrape together the pieces, plan, strategize and start over. This was my life for 30 years. Turning 51 in 2013, I closed doors on my last 18 year effort to run my own business.

At age 52 I had to start over yet again. This time I started a complete new career and had to study like a first year student. I had to find strength and encouragement from within myself. It was a very lonely recovery road I was on. One good thing was, that I have read many motivational and life coaching books over the years. These books and the knowledge I have gained from them was my lifeline. I know you cannot read them all, but that is why I created this website, so I can give you the most important and crucial advice.

Over a couple of months, I have sorted through 30 years of life lessons and started to apply them to my own life with great success. Since then, I not only got my life back, but know that I have found the basic building blocks to build an awesome life on. These building blocks are so elementary and easy to use that many misses them. I actually feel embarrassed to admit that I have missed them for 30 years, but reality is, that it is not only me, there are millions out in the world that is in the same boat.

Once I realized what I have overlooked and got my ducks in a row, I established myself in a new career within three years and 4 years down the road I was debt free. My next focus point is to have my own house again within the next two years. This time it will be fully paid for. I have found life truths that will get me back on track, but not only truths that will set me up to recover the losses of 30 years, but to have an awesome life passing 60.

If you say 60 is old, then I first want to say that Colonel Kentucky was in his 60’s when he established Kentucky Fried Chicken. He lived into his 90’s, enjoying much of his success and left behind a legacy. Secondly, It may be past the time we would like to be established in life, but we still can have a very nice old age and just think the great stories and lessons you can pass on to your grandchildren.

These lessons are not only for those being knocked down. Although, I do tend to focus more on them here, these life lessons can be applied in any stadium of life and you will have great success. Most of us know these things, but either do not know how to apply them correctly or even though they know, they just can’t get out of the hole.

Learn from my mistakes.

Over life, I have learned that we can learn a lot from observing other people’s lives. I am exposing my life here, to help you not make the same mistakes and pay the very expensive school fees I have paid.

If you had been knocked down and do as ask how do I start over in life, stick around and read through my blogs. You can also go to my Facebook page “This is the Day” and read many informative posts I already have posted there.

Please feel free to ask any questions or leave a comment.


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