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Learn to live by your own design and create the reality you want. Do not allow circumstances to dictate your days and decide the outcome for you. You can be in charge, no matter the circumstance.


Coming from a very conservative back ground, I was taught, that life on earth is planned in advance and everything that happens to you or come your way is planned beforehand by divine design. Even your death date is set and there is nothing you can do about it. Believing that, merely reduce our time on earth as puppets. It takes away our ability to think and plan our own lives. I was in that wrong mindset for 30 years, and since I changed it, I discovered a complete new world to live in, where I do have the ability and power to decide how my own life play out.

As I grew up, I became a good observer of life and a keen reader and a student of life. What I found, contradicted how I grew up. To find the truth and how I should interpret my findings took me almost half my life to figure out. Not that it was that difficult, but for most of that time I was entangled in circumstances and hampered by a wrong mindset. No, I did not change my belief system but made major corrections. I give full account of my life leading up to the change, in my book “This is the Day”. It can be found in the Book store on this website.

Over time, I have found many blockages that kept me in the wrong mindset. Our mindset is the “operating system” we ran on. It is the basis, the foundation on what our lives are build on. Our “operating system” is created from our birth and as we reach maturity it became the basis we build our lives on. It is mostly formed by the culture, belief system, environment and circumstances we grew up in. This “operating system” dictates how we reason, think and behave.

Many never realize or see our mindset as the problem to the way our lives turn out to be, because we normally live in a community where everybody is on the same or similar “operating system”. Why then should we question it? If we do question it, we are quickly reprimanded by the community and accused of stepping out of line.

Over the last couple of years technology has made it possible to cross many cultural barriers, language barriers and religious barriers. People now get exposed to different “operating systems”. Not all of this exposure have good outcomes as in some cases people will defend their own systems with brutal force and it may lead to bloody conflicts. For me, it was not that traumatic, but surely the system I was operating on did not produce good results.

Many of the flaws in my system, started with wrong perceptions based on Bible verses that was half quoted and wrongly interpreted. I came from a very traditional Christian (protestant) background and I know that many of my fellow citizens in South Africa, is caught up in the same trap that I was in. Christianity to me, is not the problem, religion is. Religion is mostly created from peoples own interpretations and perceptions. I still belief in God as my creator and use the Bible more than ever to guide me, but I have changed many interpretations I grew up with. I am saying this, not to question your particular belief system, but the focus here is on the operating system you are on and how it was created.

Stepping out of religion was a breakthrough for me. I started questioning many of the perceptions I lived by and started my own search for the real truth. To do this, I have read more books and checked Bible quotes in different translations of the Bible. We live in the time of the information revolution and finding information was never as easy as now. This is the process that I call “Weed your garden.” Check out the blog on this topic also on this website. To change your life, you need to take control, find what hold you back (the weed) and replace it with good thought patterns (seed). Be prepared to make tough choices and you may be criticized too, but take control…it’s your life at stake!

What is it to be a victim of circumstance?

This is a person where most of the day is about re-acting to what happens with them, to them and around them. I know this mode of living as I was there for a long time. So much so that I, at one point said, I feel like a fireman as all I do daily is fighting fires that flares up all day. These fires did become blazes and I lost my business and my marriage and It left me devastated, exhausted and almost at the point of giving up on life. To get out of a life like that is not easy and in many cases, real hard choices need to be made. You don’t have to wait until then, act now!! I am here to help. Check out more information on this website, decide to change the outcome of your life and take the actions needed.

According to my observation there are millions living like this. That is why pharmacies make millions, hospitals overflow and relationships does not hold. In most case people do realize that change is needed but the price is too high. Many refuse to make the tough choices needed and keep on hoping that by some miraculous intervention something will change. I belief in miracles too, but I also belief we have been given the ability to change the way we live our selves and we are equipped with and have the abilities and capabilities to change how circumstances will affect our lives.

A statement I live by is: Every day may not be good, but there certainly is good in every day. This is a good start and was the first step for me to a major change in my life. I have learned to look for the goodness in each day with intent and expectation as well as to seek good in any bad situation. This new mindset, changed my life, keep me positive every day and make me recognize opportunity more easily. I also learned to seek good in bad circumstances and this was the beginning of taking control over circumstances. Opportunity has the sly habit of slipping in at the backdoor as a temporary misfortune, that I belief is why so many miss great opportunities, Colonel Kentucky was turned down for his recipe many times, but that created the opportunity for him to start his own franchise!!

What is pro-active living?

This start when you decide to changed your mindset and learn to live life at your own terms. We are created with enormous power, very few knew of or know how to use and apply it. I do not belief in evolution, especially not in how we as humans are created. I do belief that the earth and the heavens was made millions of years back, but we as humans (and the living creation on earth) were made by divine decision with good intention and with purpose. We are just to sophisticated, well-designed and equipped with amazing abilities and capibilities for it to be an accidental product of evolution.

Not only are we awesomely designed and created, but we also have excess to enormous power outside of us. Many only talk about the powers of the Universe, but again, all of this is way to sophisticated, well-balanced and maintained through milliniums for it to be a result of a Big Bang somewhere in the past. I truly belief in a divine Being, the One I call God, my Creator, that is behind it all. You can choose to belief it or not, but the results from applying what is out there and available to us, is an undeniable reality. For me it is like people believing food (fresh produce) came from the Supermarket and do not recognize the people behind the scenes who produce it.

In an upcoming seminar I am going to teach three techniques that will help people to tap into this power we have and also teach them how to step out of an old unproductive mindset and create a new reality for themselves. If you don’t want to miss it, click on my Facebook page link on this website and send me a friend request. As part of my friends list, you will get the information, dates and venues for the seminar first hand. Alternatively send me an e-mail to and I will make sure you are informed of the seminars.

How do I re-design my life?

I have put together eight steps on how to re-design your life. I am only listing them here, but in the full seminar I will explain each step in detail and take the attendees through the process step by step.

1. Realize the need to change.

2. Make that crucial decision to start doing what is needed.

3. Develope a willingness and persistence to complete the process.

4. Identify the blockages and find the corrections.

5. Learn to reprogram your thinking (get out of negative self-talk)

6. Be willing to make tough decisions (you will get resitance)

7. Start doing the work needed to bring change about (Action is crucial)

8 Keep on until you mastered your new lifestyle and habits (practise it continually)

How is this possible?

We are not robots or puppets on a string and this is where you better start believing that you are on earth with a divine purpose. You are also fully equipped to fulfill this purpose. On top of that you can tap into powers beyond yourselve to help you live a full life. Many very successful people use these powers available and apply these abilities and capabilities correctly and reep good fruit from it.

If you find this information helpful, please get in touch with me on my e-mail


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