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What is the picture in your mind?

This is the most important question everybody should continuously ask themselves. I believe that everything we do, or tend to do, or plan to do, or are asked to do, begin as a picture in the mind. The moment the thought or spoken word enters our mind, a picture is produced. For example; if you are asked to mow the lawn or wash the dishes or the car or any other task, immediately your
mind create a picture of what is to be done. This picture is produced by your subconscious mind and incorporates all feelings and emotions from your past, associated with the task at hand. If this picture comes with negative emotions, the task would be hard to do or even not been done at all. When the emotions coming with it is positive it will be done. If this picture is not clear and positive, you my need to change your mindset so in can become clear and positive.

Our brains are just magnificent, and all of this take place in a matter of milliseconds. Then the
picture and all the thoughts are produced, and a decision is made. However, we have the ability to change this picture if the outcome is not good. Too many people allow their lives to be negatively impacted by negative thoughts. These thought patterns in many cases are the result of our  upbringing and many wrong inputs into our lives over many years. That is why we need to weed our garden. If you need to change your life for the better this is the next step after you started to weed your garden. Weeding is an ongoing process and as you progress through life, you will find all the more wrongs to be corrected. Keep on weeding!

You can change!

In many studies of the mind, especially those of Dr Caroline Leaf, it is established that every though or input entering the mind, start a chemical reaction that creates a microscopic structure in the brain. This structure becomes a thought pattern and once this thought pattern is
established it became behavior. Thus, if the picture that sprung up when you are asked to do something or want to do something is wrong, you need to change the thought pattern in your subconscious mind. In Dr Caroline Leaf’s book – “Switch on your brain.” (Find it in the bookstore), she explains how you can change the outcome by changing your thoughts.

In the Bible in Proverbs 4: 23, king Salomon said: “Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance and above all that you guard, for out of it flow the spring of life.” In this verse “heart” is used
to describe our being, the essence of who we are, in other words our mind who controls everything we do or who we are. This is a truth that has been taught for 1000’s of years and that is why I wrote the blog about – Weed your Garden and Your life, your responsibility. You are responsible for what is in your mind and only you can restore or replace what is in there. Yes! You can change your mind! You don’t need to accept the way you are and the life you have, it can be changed.

To change the pictures in our mind, we first need to find the reason or reasons why it is wrong and get rid of what caused the wrong picture. Therefore, to clean up the past is the first step if you want to move forward and closer to living an awesome life. The next step is to practice having a positive and clear picture of what needs to be done. This picture issue to me is crucial and only if you get this initial picture correct, then you can start to work on your vision. In most people’s lives, it is not only a picture but a collage of pictures that need to be taken care of. You need to work on what is in your mind until you see in your mind a clear and positive picture of what the
outcome should be or where you want to be or want to achieve.

All projects  start as a picture in the mind.

One of the best stories for me to explain this is probably the creation of Disney World. Walt Disney planned it and got the project planned and started but died 5 years before the project was completed. At the opening ceremony a reporter said to Roy, Mr Walt Disney’s brother that it is sad the Mr Walt himself was not there to see it. His reply was: “He saw it first, that is why you’re
seeing it today.” I believe that he had many challenges to overcome, but his focus was on the final product he saw in his mind and that kept him going and work through every challenge. Therefore, having a positive and clear picture is not only true for small tasks but also for the major projects in our lives.

For me this was true more than once in my life. I only learned about the importance of a clear and positive picture when I had to start over yet again in 2014 at age 52. Only then I started to realize why I could not succeed before and had to weed out many wrong perceptions and made many changes to my own life to get clear and positive pictures on the tasks to be done. After
realizing that each day is full of goodness I asked; “What do I have to do to find the good in
the day?”
Over the next few months I found many thoughts, behaviors and perceptions preventing me from finding the good in the day and I had to change a lot in my thinking. (Find and read my book – “This is the Day” – in the Bookstore on this website.)

From my life.

My first picture example was the resort I wanted to create on the farm where I was born and grew up. I had a picture in my mind about the resort but did not know to change it into a vision on paper and sell my dream to others. From my conservative upbringing and outlook, I failed to find help and eventually could not complete the project. The people who bought it, almost exactly complete it as I saw it without me telling them what I saw. At that stage of my life I felt that I failed, but today this project found a place in my mental showcase to tell me that my ideas are not wrong, but the execution of the ideas is the problem. Now that I have learned that, I even started this Website with no prior training.

The next picture example from my own life, was when I bought a 3-ton scrapped truck and rebuild it. What I saw was a truck that is running and earning income for me. Although it was only me that saws that, I kept working towards what I saw in my minds eye, despite many negatives and disbelieve. Over 8 months I complete the project and had the truck roadworthy and licensed on
the road. This time I complete the project.

In yet another starting over in 1995, I bought another broken down truck to start a transport company with. Again, only me had a picture of my transport company. This time my wife
supported me, although she had no idea where I was heading. In 4 months, I had my old broken truck on the road and over the next 7 years the business grew to 5 big trucks and a strong profitable company.

Then 18 years later, all came to a sad halt in 2013, and I had to find a new picture. At first, it was very tough as transport was all industry I really knew, but I also realized that I had to leave that industry behind. With the help and inspiration of friends, I decided on and a new picture
started to form in mind. Over a four-year period, I could establish myself in a new industry. It was tough, and I had many challenges to overcome, but this time I had a clear picture and I wrote down my vision. This kept me focus on the goal and I could stay on track.

I have learned that having a clear picture and a positive attitude is crucial. If you don’t have, you just go through the motions daily and are not pushing to get to your dream. Many who work in the corporate world just do what is asked from them and become almost robot like. This is not how
we are created and not how we should live. Even in the corporate world we should strive to move forward to a next level, even if we need to change companies to move forward. Although it is expected from you as an employee to achieve the goals and dreams of the company, you still are entitled to your own dreams.

You are not too old to change.

I have tried 30 years and could not succeed until I realized what was keeping me from success. The last 4 years of my life, I have made drastic changes, and now not only do I move towards my goals at speed but can help others too to get unstuck. A great example for not being too old to start, is Colonel Sanders that started KFC when he was 62. He not only managed to build an empire, but also left a legacy. If you can read this and understand what I am teaching, your mind is still great, and you can achieve a lot.

I know because I not only had to start over at age 52 but had to change careers. I always believed that I was an introvert, but my new career choice expected me to talk on a microphone to complete foreigners. Once I got ast the fear, I discovered a completely new me and a new world opened for me. Now that I have managed to make many major changes in my life, my new
career flourish. I have a good, positive and clear picture of my place in tourism, but as I believe in moving on to a next level, I now see a new picture of me teaching life skills that changed my life all over the world. With this picture in mind I am building this website and prepare my notes and material for seminars.

Hope to meet many of you at one of those presentations.


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