by admin | 10:53

Stop being a victim of circumstances

Learn to live by your own design and create the reality you want. Do not allow circumstances to dictate your days and decide the outcome for you. You can be in charge, no matter

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by Gert Maritz | 14:36

Change your mindset, change your life

What is the picture in your mind? This is the most important question everybody should continuously ask themselves. I believe that everything we do, or tend to do, or plan to do, or are asked to

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by Gert Maritz | 11:24

You need people, but don’t wait for them.

Many will sit on a brilliant idea for years, but do not start as they wait for some lucky break to come their way or someone to offer them an opportunity. There is a

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by Gert Maritz | 16:59

25 things that will lift your spirit.

I had been struggling with days where I just did not have the energy to do what need to be done and I believe I am not the only one experiencing this problem. Days when

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by admin | 11:01

Life has different seasons and waiting is a season too. Learn to use waiting time productive.

Don’t waste waiting time. One of the best times to invest in yourself is to use waiting time effectively. The reality about waiting is that it is a season of life too. In all

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by admin | 11:39

Your life, your responsiblity.

To find reasons outside of us for why we do not succeed is normal and human, but do not play the blame game, rather ask : “What can I do to change the situation.” We

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by admin | 15:32

Weed your garden.

See your mind as a fertile garden where everything you see, hear or think become seeds that grow in that garden. Then weeding it, becomes very important. Over the last 4 of years, I

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by admin | 14:45

Don’t let a setback, keep you down.

They say that success is about standing up more that you fall. Then falling becomes lessons and as you apply those lessons you grow. Over time I have seen to many people that has

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